Research prizes 

  • October 1996 A.M.T. Award for work "Chronic lymphoid leukaemia cells that produce IgM immunoglobulins encounter isotypical switching without acquiring somatic mutations" .
  • October 1997 A-Year Award. M.T for the work "Investigation on the prevalence of the 51p1 gene in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and relationships with autoimmune hemolytic anemia" .
  • October 1999 A Award. M.T for the work "Effectiveness of the interferon-ribavirin association in individuals suffering from the hepatitis C virus relapsed or not responsive to previous antiviral treatments".
  • June 2000 Scholarship called by the trieste section by the A.I.R.H. for the study project "Evaluation of the activity of telomerase in oncoematological pathologies.

Social Awards/Recognition 

  • March 2005 bestowing the Seal of the Longobarda City for social merits in Italy and around theworld.
  • May 2007 awarded by UNCI of the Friuli Prize, awarded to personalities of the FVG Region who have distinguished themselves in the world in the scientific, cultural, social, sporting, economic and entrepreneurial fields.
  • October 2008 awarded by Confindustria/euroMediterranean2008 as director of the monthly SocialNews rated best experience in publishing at European level
  • September 2009 at the 32nd award of the prestigious Moret D'Aur award for acting "without borders" in the most battered areas of the planet.
  • May 2012 awarding the Duke's Precint on Humanitarian Merits, for the help brought to child soldiers in Srilanka.
  • December 2014 awarding of the Nad'l furlan Award for humanitarian and health merits. The youngest ever to receive it.