European vote cannot turn into a referendum between League and 5-Star Movement

The ballot boxes in the 28 member states open for the European elections between 23 and 26 May 2019. In Italy, a vote is taken to elect the representatives of the European Parliament on Sunday 26 May. But how much do we know about the real value of what we're going to do in the polls next Sunday?

In Italy, it is difficult to find out about national programmes, as in the case of European parties. Moreover, citizens do not perceive that the vote given to a national party is eventually transferred to a European party with ideologies that do not always perfectly match.

Each national party belongs to a European parliamentary group according to its own political orientation.

The largest group in Brussels is the EPP, European People's Party. The Italian parties present within the group are Forza Italia, Alternativa Popolare, Unione di Centro and SVP (Südtiroler Volkspartei). The other main political forces are the French Republicans, the CDU of Angela Merkel, the Spanish People's Party, the Fidesz of the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban and the OVP of the young Austrian President Kurtz.

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