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TEAL Vanguard

The future of business organisations. Dynamics and methods for teamwork and self-knowledge (2021)

We are and live in complex systems where linear procedures cannot work. Psychologists and sociologists are now discovering that the human spirit and conscience are the best integration tool for dealing with complexity. In this book we understand how emotional and intuitive intelligence, communicative relationships, playfulness and the ability to take events lightly make the difference in teamwork and business performance.

The book deals with the neurological, psychological and sociological aspects of anxiety, stress, resilience and the concept of Flow, Meritocracy, Talent and Inequality. Anecdotes, methodologies and experiments to achieve the best result in the context of complexity are presented.

In reading:

Preface by Andrea Pamparana

Foreword by Zvonimir Boban

Introduction by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

An extract from the first chapter

Publisher: Tab Editions

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