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Foreword by Zvonimir Boban

The normality of man 

The search for human normality. This is how I, at least, would define this book by Massimiliano Fanni Canelles. That, in fact, is how I would define his entire life, at least as far as I have been able to learn about him. And to think that the many, if not all, things he did and tried to do from a young age onwards are simply extraordinary. He looks to me like a hero from a film, but instead he is a simple and dear soul, a gentle and easy-going man. But he has a lot of strength, like this book. 

Of this discreet search for love towards others, his everyday life tells us everything. Massimiliano lives in an old mill, a stone's throw from him is an equally old shed belonging to the artist Silvano Serdino, where a fantastic and surreal bohemian circle has been created. And it is there, in this unimaginable place, that different souls collide and meet, starting with the basic soul that is our common friend Robi Leone. And it is there that wanting to be normal, wanting to be just Massimiliano, finds its ideal expression. He finds his normality. The things he has done, including this book, are proof of that. They don't shout, they don't taste like the narcissistic showbiz stuff you see everywhere, but they speak of simplicity and the search for goodness. They say they love. 

I happened to be there one day, at his mill. I didn't know him, except from stories. He cooked us pasta and didn't respond to compliments. He spoke little or nothing, he listened to us. He wanted to give us space and make us feel good, but in his own way. As if he was unsure, in his certainty, of how one should behave among humans. 

And if there is one thing that emerges clearly in this book, it is the deep and precise description of group psychology and the behavioural dynamics of the individual in the group. And this is the basis of society. All this and much, much more, Massimiliano describes perfectly in these pages, a testimony of how he lives, loves and works. With an enormous eruditism, a clear spiritual structure and a humanity that is always simple and winning. He always starts and ends up there, in that old shed of hope, where people have the strength to respect, the strength to live in the values that for him are normal. 

You don't have to know each other too well to respect each other so much and seek results together. This is one of the many messages of this book, which is so compelling, despite its scientific and, at times, apparently cold and technical structure. The author tells us that we must live for our neighbour, for our own growth and for the final collective result. He tells us about a basic human thought that is always nice to hear. But he puts it in the context of 'industry' and real work, implements it in a purely corporate environment, finding the essential and elegant way to describe it. Sometimes mechanical, but never banal. What he then adds, among a thousand other things, is an element that is very difficult to practice: no matter how much you have given to the cause, don't let others weigh your skill, try not to express it because the final results of the group may suffer. 

Well, as far as I'm concerned it depends on how you do it. I find it sophisticated and beautiful in its Buddhist roots. But is it quite right? We'll discuss that once I hope... 

I used to be a footballer, then when I finished my career I wanted to continue my university studies, after that I led several companies in different sectors, even at high international levels. What I have clearly noticed is that people behave more or less in the same way, no matter if it is sport, food retail or responsible journalism. I have seen that the pyramid of hierarchies is feared, but many times also adored by those who suffer it. This kind of subjugation, which protects and oppresses, allows people to feel safer; we know the story. The aggressiveness of the leaders and the numbering of everything shows that they are the chosen ones. 

The end result? Poor everybody!  

We can change these standard habits if there are biographies or texts like this one. It is enough to see how and with what results Massimiliano has implemented this horizontal philosophy in leadership in the hospital of Cividale di Friuli where he worked as head. With absurd and unthinkable results for any cool CEO who thinks he is unique and indispensable. On the strength of his hierarchical dominance and his glass office on the hundred and twentieth freaking floor. The result is that people, while working harder and with more responsibility, have been happy. Free. And at the same time more effective and creative.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this will not change for many more centuries, because, to paraphrase Thucydides, the human nature never changes. I believe, however, that these attempts, like me, like Massimiliano and his life, like these pages, are an example and serve as absolute inspiration for any person who wants to improve and live better. And feel better in their workplace and in their team.  

I didn't want to touch on or go into the topics discussed by Massimiliano, nor did I want to provide empirical demonstrations of lightness, which is one of the four pillars, nor of Nietzschean philosophical stratification, nor of the excellent results that many companies have already achieved with flow culture. I didn't want to talk about competitive trance, which I can say I know really well. You will discover all this by reading. I just wanted to say that Massimiliano is an excellent writer, but he is above all a Normal person. 

Enjoy your reading, stay focused... 

Zvonimir Boban

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